This is perfect for anxious pets who need a thorough exam on a possible or existing heart disease. This is an almost stress free procedure done in your home wherein we check pressures of the different heart chambers and blood vessels surrounding the heart. We will give recommendations on the safest medications for the heart and anesthesia guidelines for patients needing clearance for a procedure.


I call Let’s MoVet with complete confidence! Dr. V and her team are professional, compassionate, and most of all caring Vets I can trust with my fur babies. Plus with my busy schedule the home visits are incredible! I can’t now imagine ever being back in a conventional Vet office again.

Gloria H.
Dog Mom


ltrasound of the heart to look at structures and measure blood pressure flowing in and out of the heart

Electrocardiogram (6 leads)

  • a closer look at heartbeat and electrical activity of the heart
  • assessment of heartbeat patterns and pacing

Anesthesia recommendations – usually for pets who have a heart murmur and need clearance before a procedure

  • important information for pets who have a heart disease or a newly detected heart murmur
  • pets who need anesthesia clearance before a procedure


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