Dr Camille Virtucio

Fear Free Certified


All About Dr V.

Dr. Camille Virtucio has earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of the Philippines in 2014 and graduated with academic excellence. She then went clinical training at the University of Missouri – Columbia where she gained more experience into practicing medicine in the United States. She has also worked as a veterinary assistant, technician and practice manager before she gained certification to practice in the USA. Dr. V has also been a volunteer of several rescue organizations and has focused on small animal medicine. She has a special interest in preventive care, radiology, ophthalmology and internal medicine.

Dr. Virtucio has found her passion in mobile veterinary care and believes that best medicine and care are given when veterinarians, owners and pets are allowed enough time to interact with each other in the most comfortable space – the pet’s home. She believes that this allows everyone to work as team, avoid miscommunications and have the same goal in providing good quality care for pets.

Dr. V is excited to serve you and meet your fur baby!


Dr V Responsibilities

Dr V is our resident veterinarian here at Let’s MoVET. She is mainly responsible for the medicine that we offer, making sure that the whole team stays at par with this company mission and goals. She is always looking for other ways to offer good quality care in the home and designing treatment plans that will benefit the total well being of our patients and their owners combined.

Why did I start Let's MoVET?

Fun Fact About Riley

Riley is an odd kind of pup (and we say this so much love!!!). We all agree that Riley has something weird to offer to the world. He is a sweet fluffy Pomeranian, but he has very special mannerisms that no one understands. He likes staring at people for hours, peeking behind doors, standing on his two legs to dance around the office and placing his paw on everyone’s thigh just to make sure we know he is there. Riley is a kisser and a lover, and he makes sure that show his love to everyone around him. He loves eating veggies - carrots and celery to be specific, and he likes riding cars and shopping around town.