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Camille Virtucio, DVM

Apr 1, 2022

I have been a veterinarian since 2014 and I have already found myself in different situations in the industry. I started off as a regular fresh graduate that had to learn the kinks of the veterinary world in a developing country, the Philippines – where my diagnostic options were limited and I had to face infectious diseases more often than wellness appointments. 

Came the chance to go to a more developed nation, I grabbed the opportunity; but I had to humble myself as I start from being an assistant, technician, lead tech and then practice manager. It was not an easy process but I knew I was gaining significant experiences that will equip me into being a better person and a better veterinarian.

After multiple certifications, exams and going back to vet school again, at last I regained the “doctor” cap again; but this time, it was during the pandemic. The world was being rampaged by a deadly virus and changing the way we all live. The veterinary medicine was hit head on by this and we all had to adapt. More people adopted. Clinics started closing their doors, maximized the phone call system, drop off appointments became a thing and since most clinics cannot handle the demand, they had to say no to getting new clients and patients. It was brutal. It was stressful. It does take a big toll on mental health.

I saw how the quality of care changed – burned out veterinarians, technicians quitting left and right, frustrated owners demanding to get better customer service, corporate bosses demanding more production since there is more demand, and quality of communication went from okay to poor to worse. No one is at fault, everyone is just trying to do their jobs and survive, but change is painful – especially when it is sudden and drastic. No one taught “How to Handle a Pandemic in the Veterinary Industry 101”.

When I started doing mobile practice, I felt a big sense of relief. I saw happier pets, and satisfied owners. I had the time to do medicine the way I want to – careful, thorough and engaging. I had time to focus on all the concerns, call owners for follow up, send detailed emails, review a 30 page medical record of a senior pet, and prepare for all my appointments. I felt that I was doing good quality medicine. I felt that I was doing my job and it gave me a sense of fulfillment. I found my niche.

So here I am, supported by friends, family and colleagues who believe in my vision, I have created Let’s MoVET, a mobile veterinary clinic to serve the community I am in. My goal is to ease the burden of miscommunication and frustration; and to convince pet owners that good quality and honest medicine is still possible and we are still worthy of their trust. I also aim to show my fellow veterinarians and veterinary teams that this is an industry we still can love, cherish and treasure, and we can still enjoy and get fulfillment from our jobs. There is still a lot more to learn; but when you are armed with passion, integrity, and vision, mixed with kindness and compassion, I sincerely believe we can serve our purpose and do well in this life.

As pet parents ourselves, my team and I hear you. 

We are here for your fluffy baby. 

We are here for you.  :)