Our older pets deserve so much love!

We are here to help you manage senior pet health issues such as arthritis, eye issues, hearing problems, internal organ health, cancer management, teeth and gum health, lumps and bumps, and more.

We recommend running some diagnostics such as senior blood profile and urinalysis for our older babies at least every 6-12mos.

Prevention is always better than cure – better to catch things early so we can customize a health plan for you and make Fluffy’s quality of life better.

I call Let’s MoVet with complete confidence! Dr. V and her team are professional, compassionate, and most of all caring Vets I can trust with my fur babies. Plus with my busy schedule the home visits are incredible! I can’t now imagine ever being back in a conventional Vet office again.

Gloria H.
Dog Mom

Senior blood test

Complete blood count, Liver, kidney, thyroid, pancreas, heart enzyme, diabetes screen

Cancer screening (blood and/or urine)

urine or blood sample

Skin growth biopsy

aspiration biopsy, mass removal

Arthritis monthly injections

Librela, Solensia


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