This includes a thorough physical examination from nose to tail, vaccination update and recommendations depending on your and your pets’ lifestyle. We will also assess dental health and give necessary recommendations.

Our vets can possibly a recommend a regular health screen blood test to check for status of internal organs, and a fecal exam.

You are free to ask questions and discuss with our veterinarians any concern you may have. We are more than happy to walk you through any questions or clarifications you need answers on.



I call Let’s MoVet with complete confidence! Dr. V and her team are professional, compassionate, and most of all caring Vets I can trust with my fur babies. Plus with my busy schedule the home visits are incredible! I can’t now imagine ever being back in a conventional Vet office again.

Gloria H.
Dog Mom

Nose to Tail Exam

Physical exam to check body organ systems

Vaccination/s Update

Review of past medical records and formulating vaccination plan tailored to your and your pet’s lifestyle

Flea, tick and heartworm prevention

Discussion of options for you as there are so many brands out there that offer prevention against pet parasites

Fecal and Parasite Screening

 Sample collection and results interpretation with recommendations

Routine Blood Work

Sample collection, sample processing and results with interpretation


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