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Financial Officer

All About Britney

Britney is one of our team members who loves being active. She likes going to the gym and is interested in joining marathons around town. She is new to Los Angeles and is now embarking on a new adventure straight out of college. She loves hanging out a a nice quiet cafe and is up to look for the best matcha latte in LA! Britney is also an outdoorsy girl and loves taking photos of her cat as a hobby.

Britney Responsibilities

She is joining our team as our financial and marketing officer with a goal of supporting the staff and company growth and development. She is also in training to learning the ins and outs of the veterinary industry and getting to know all the aspects of helping pets and their owners.


This is Russel, a gorgeous kitty cat rescued from a Target parking lot in Tampa, Florida. Ever since, Russell and Britney have been best friends. Russell has a unique way of greeting people – he extends and stretches his arms out (like the gentleman that he is). Generally, he is a chill, nonchalant cat. We think there is a rag doll DNA somewhere in his body hence his relaxed and easy going personality. He likes hanging out on his mom’s car roof and sunbathes. In his spare time, he likes chasing his tail. Russel’s special talent is drinking tons of water but because he is so lazy he likes to lay on his side to drink water. Despite how large he is, he can still move very swiftly and slip and slide around the house from the fur on his paws.

Fun Fact About Russel

His special talent? He can drink tons of water upside down.


Financial Officer

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Finance and Marketing Officer


Financial Officer

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Veterinary Nurse


Veterinary Nurse

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