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All About David

David has been a dog lover since he can remember. Born and raised in Orlando Florida, David has a high appreciation of the outdoors and adventures. He loves to go to the gym, go hiking, play basketball and badminton. He also likes to experiment in cooking during his down time and when he is not helping and saving pets.

Let’s MoVET may be his biggest adventure professionally, but he is definitely here to stay and help out pet parents. Being a pet lover and owner himself, he has experienced different levels of veterinary care, and is very proud to offer his time and efforts into serving pet parents in the Los Angeles area. He loves taking time and listening to clients, and making sure that all concerns are heard and addressed. David is an advocate of giving good customer service through careful listening and educating clients on all possible options so they can make an informed decision on their pet’s care.

David Responsibilities

David is our all around guy! He mainly stays in our office making sure our business runs smoothly, but he also goes out to the field when extra support is needed. He makes sure that all our vehicles are well taken cared of, our stocks are maintained and our lady team members feel safe to work in and out of the office. David is our go to person for anything technical and human resource. He is also the instigator of fun, after work hang outs and out of town staff trips!

Apple and Dexter

David’s furry friends are Miss Apple, a rat terrier and Dexter, a Pitbull mix. Both of these kids were rescued by David, with Miss Apple he found on the streets of Los Angeles. Their sizes may be on opposite sides of the spectrum, but both Apple and Dexter are sweet pups who sometimes hang out in our office.

Fun Fact About

Apple and Dexter

Our team calls Dexter “The Eeyore” because of his pokerface and no nonsense reaction when we play with him. He can be a little stoic, but he is the sweetest boy who protects everyone around him. He also hates his paws being touched and nail trims are always a big show! He needs to be sedated for his nail clippings, so David makes sure we make the most out of this time. Dexter regular gets his twice a year bloodwork and cancer screen during this time. This breed is prone to developing cancer; hence, David is on point in making sure he has peace of mind through regular screening.

Miss Apple is the darling of the crowd. She doesn’t have a negative emotion programmed in her brain as she is always happy and jumpy wherever you bring her. She has a characteristic smile that she uses to manipulate everyone in getting what she wants. Don’t be fooled by her cute smiles, Miss Apple is a street smart lass who can get into anything! We always find her carrying a sock, a shoe, a paper, etc!

Apple and Dexter

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Financial Officer

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