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Operations and Logistics Manager

All About Megan

Megan is our Operations and Logistics manager and the big ray of sunshine in our team. She always comes to work with a positive attitude and keeps spreading that light to all of us. She always finds something fun and happy to share to our team, and boy it does help us get through especially difficult days. Megan likes road trips and going to nearby cities to relax and explore. When she can, she also enjoys hanging out with friends at Disneyland during festival season to try new food and beverages. She also has a special spot in her heart for wildlife animals and for this, she volunteers at the San Diego Zoo during her spare time. You can ask her about zoo animals and wildlife as she has quite an experience in taking care of them. She also partners with David in looking for places to eat for our team as she also likes to discover hidden new food places around Los Angeles.

Megan Responsibilities

Megan is the main point person for our daily operations. She makes sure that our day will go smoothly and all team members have clear expectations for the day’s responsibilities. She makes sure that the team is prepared for each appointment of the day and once everyone is back to the office, everything is out back into place – clean, organized and ready for the next day. All protocols, inventory and office conditions go through Miss Megan. She is also the person making sure our staff stays up to Let’s MoVet standards of offering good quality medicine and service to our patients and clients.



Cholula, Elska, Tasha and Dixie Fun Facts

Cholla – is the princess of the family. She is such a refined young lady who doesn’t like walking on dirty floors and grass. Only carpet is allowed for her precious little feet. She is a very good girl though, she can stay for hours in her bed and will not make a sound. She is named after a hot sauce because she can be a “little spicy”.

Elska – The oldest of the pack, she is the one who is always a ball of energy. There is no slowing down for this beautiful pup who likes running around and chasing her ball. She follows everyone in the office and waits for anyone who may want to play with her. She listens to her mom intently and follows every single instruction with flying colors.

Tasha and Dixie. These 2 sisters are the darlings in our office right now. They are a little shy but are always running and jumping around everyone’s desks (knocking some stuff here and there). Both are very vocal and talk to whoever they see around. They make sure to always keep Megan on her toes because who knows what trouble they will get into.

Cholula, Elska, Tasha and Dixie

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