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We offer simple, modern and a thorough approach to diagnosing and treating your pet where you are involved in each process of decision making in the comfort of your home.


Veterinary Technician

All About Gizelle

Gizelle loves working with animals because she believes that it is such a rewarding experience being able to advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves. This experience keep her inspiration tank full as she can she that she can make a difference in these pets’ lives.

Gizelle is one of the dog lovers in our team and is our call people when we have big dogs as patients. She likes working with large fluffy dogs and knows how to read these animals body language. She also has one big dog of her own, Maverick, whom she considers her best friend. She throws parties for him and makes sure he always gets the best time of his life.

When Gizelle is not working, she likes to spend her time with Maverick driving around in road trips and adventures. You may also find Gizelle in cute hobby shops around town shopping for cute little items, or in Disneyland hanging out with Mickey and friends.

Gizelle’s Responsibilities

Gizelle’s role is mainly taking care of our patients, making sure that they receive the treatment and care that Dr V recommended. She makes sure that owners were thoroughly explained of the plans and follow ups. Gizelle is also tasked to help with coordinating patient care when clients call scheduling appointments and addressing any concern that pet parents have.

Fun Facts About Maverick

Maverick is a young golden retriever who is very special. He is a sweet boy who considers his mom Gizelle as his world. He always want to see his mom and cannot wait to see her when she gets home from work. He has been diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy recently, but with Giselle’s love and care (and Dr V’s guidance), he is doing well with his seizures managed. As a golden retriever, he is obsessed with water and swimming. Maverick also like going on hikes and playing with balls. If there is anything Maverick will do anything for, one word: TREATS.


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