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We offer simple, modern and a thorough approach to diagnosing and treating your pet where you are involved in each process of decision making in the comfort of your home.



All About Jenn

Jenn is our resident RVT (registered veterinary technician) and we jokingly call her “the therapist” of our team. She is a kind soul who easily picks up on any need our steam needs and she is everyone’s go to for life advice and lessons. Patient, patient and humble, Jenn has a gift in listening to people’s demeanor and energy and this is her tool in doing her job as a technician really well. Jenn understands animal behavior exceptionally and this makes her a blockbuster with our highly anxious patients.

Jenn likes working with animals because she believes that pets are capable of endless amount of love and this gives her satisfaction in making a difference in the pets’ lives. In her spare time, Jenn likes going to the gym, hiking and taking photos of animals.

Jenn’s Responsibilities

Jenn’s role is mainly taking care of our patients, making sure that they receive the treatment and care that Dr V recommended. She makes sure that owners were thoroughly explained of the plans and follow ups. Jenn also does her own technician appointments for our regular patients and clients. She is also our main frontline person when we deal with aggressive and anxious cats, as Jenn is the main cat person in our team.


Benny is a pup with a heart of gold and a bark that will melt people’s hearts. He is a VERY GOOD BOY and is always quiet, accommodating and just follows his mom around. He has a gentle and mellow personality, at the point that he gets shy with strangers. He enjoys his long walks, hikes and car rides. At home, he can be a couch potato and loves a cuddle session.

Fun Fact About


He loves kids and is more a a ‘cat’ dog since he grew up with just cats. Sometimes we think he doesn’t know he is a dog and acts more like a cat. He likes broccoli, sweet potatoes, chicken and sardines. His likes to play with anything that squeaks and his lamb chops toy.


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