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We offer simple, modern and a thorough approach to diagnosing and treating your pet where you are involved in each process of decision making in the comfort of your home.


Veterinary Technician

All About Kiara

Kiara is one of the strongest people on our team that keeps us going and flowing. She has a caring soul who makes sure that everyone is well supported. She is excellent in communication with our clients and team, and will always find a way to help. She is an experienced veterinary technician and receptionist who believes that working with animals is such a privilege and a responsibility that requires passion and compassion. Animals are the best companion friends we can ask for and having the chance to take care of them is an honor.

During her off time, Kiara loves enjoying time with her family, shopping, and her most favorite of all, exploring new restaurants. Kiara is our resident restaurant researcher for all our company celebrations and parties. She knows all the best KBBQ places in Los Angeles. Anything about being a foodie? Kiara is your girl.

Kiara’s Responsibilities

Kiara’s role is mainly taking care of our patients, making sure that they receive the treatment and care that Dr V recommended. She makes sure that owners were thoroughly explained of the plans and follow ups. Kiara also has a responsibility in managing our daily social media and marketing tasks. She also helps us coordinate patient care and client requests when our phone calls need some extra support.

Kiara’s Ideal

Kiara doesn’t have a pet right now (but we hope she will have one soon!). She used to own a pet pig named Pepe who she rescued from the flea market. Kiara thinks that Pepe is the best pet ever because he was very smart! For a pig, he is actually very clean and likes playing around with the dogs of the house. His favorite hobbies were sleeping and eating (not a surprise there). Pepe is also obsessed with loves and cuddles!


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Veterinary Nurse


Veterinary Nurse

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